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Supply Chain Total
Why choose us
How we do it

Supply Chain Total is a modern and agile consultant organization, focused on constant improvement, sustainable and environment-friendly effective processes based on the latest technology. We are also sensitive to cultural and political preferences and believe in building long term relationships and growing together. We also believe language and cultural skills can enable faster and smoother transitions.


Supply Chain Total is the right business partner for organisations who want to ensure creative, lean solutions focused on end customer value, and sharp and effective processes and agreements that are profitable for all parties and ensure long term partnerships. We provide you with leadership and expert skills, and a network of partners to help you expand and succeed in different marketplaces even without any prior experience. 

We design and implement  sustainable and adaptable  customer processes 

Supply Chain Total
How we create value

• We compete with top quality delivery and return on investments - not pricing

• We are fast and flexible

How we can do it

• We recruite and train top talent

Supply Chain Total

We employ a diverse and  flexible workforce with passionate specialists 

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