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Supply Chain Total
Our services
What we do

We are a consulting company that works in Sweden as well as internationally. We cooperate with both senior and junior consultants in different parts of the world, in the areas of marketing, IT ERP System integration, procurement and Supply Chain Management. This means each have their own network, and also knows the culture etc. We work primarily on a distance, in cross-functional, project-based teams. 

These things mean that we can help our clients in the best and most cost-effective way, to grow and develop their company – nationally as well as internationally!

We provide:

  • Development of strategies that build on the client´s history as well as future state vision.

  • Implementation and management systems to provide sustainable results

  • Performance control and methods down to individual task performance level 

We provide

• Requirement analysis

• Supply planning

• Procurement

• Return logistics

• Packaging logistics

• Development of business processes

• After sales

• System integration

• Identification of suitable suppliers

• Negotiation and set up of suppliers

We work with mature businesses and start ups

• Automotive industry

• Retail industries

• Wholesalers

• Wood industry

• Chemical industry

• Patented Innovative ideas

Supply Chain Total

We develop methods, knowledge base and knowledge sharing on international level 

Supply Chain Total
Supply Chain Total
Supply Chain Total

We have a practical approach and provide

• On site investigations

• Implementation development

• Continuous improvement

• Knowledge of supporting IT systems

We provide our clients with trustworthy effective solutions

• Security

• Confidentiality

• Flexibility

• Client focus and loyalty

• Policies regarding competitors

• Long term relations

• Creative modern solutions

• Advanced resourcing

• Specialised skills

• Knowledge transfer

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