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Supply Chain Total

If you are a highly ambitious creative problem solver with a talent for grasping complex processes and building relationships and you thrive in a multicultural and international environment, then you are what we are looking for.

We want to work with

- Junior Supply Chain managers who are eager to learn and develop new skills in an international setting.

- Senior Supply Chain managers who really want to make a difference and where creative solutions and modern management methods on global level is what makes you tick!

If you want to join a modern, flexible and creative workforce focused on the latest processes and techniques in an international environment, please let us know!

Supply Chain Total

We provide our staff with

  • Clear work processes

  • Defined staff policies and sustainable value system

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Partners with compliant values and systems

  • Attractive compensation packages

  • Personal and professional development

During our startup phase, it is possible, if you are in a new industry, to get the work done without cost. This because we want to collect reference cases.

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