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Supply Chain Total
About us
About us

Supply Chain Total is a niche company focused on Global Supply Chain Management and related business processes. We provide services to a rapidly growing globalized marketplace where suppliers and distributors localized in different parts of the world work together to fulfill customer needs worldwide. Supply Chain Total spans over all the necessary competence areas and geographies and provides localized expertise necessary for functioning effective and sustainable solutions that complies with local rules and regulations. 


Supply Chain Total ensures smooth cooperation with suppliers, delivery organizations, and partners. We have experience and skills particularly suitable for organizations in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Nordic Region as well as Asian organizations. Supply Chain Total provides support in the whole process from strategic planning to full implementation including budgeting, resource allocation, performance measurements, evaluation of suppliers, and negotiation and agreements. The customer journey begins with marketing, and fulfillment is part of the value proposition. Our journey with our customers begins with reaching out to the market and then fulfilling the brand promise.

Office Building

Our vision

One of the largest international Supply Chain specialist consultancy firms working in a global marketplace including all continents.

Our mission

We are a full service strategic partner and supply chain specialist supporting large mature global organisations as well as startups in their local and global supply chain processes to increase their profitability and sustainability.

Our values

• We accept & embrace change

• We look for opportunity at all times

• We are willing to be different and act different 

• We show appreciation to what has been

• We create trust between all parties 

• We are helpful and loyal in our communication

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